Peyton {She's One}

Happy 1st birthday to our cheerful and sweet Peyton Emma Haas! As you can tell, January is a busy month for us -- our dog's birthday is even in January -- and I cannot believe Peyton is O-N-E! Insert my second wide-eyed emoji here for the month.

Peyton is a sweet, sweet baby. I don't know if it's because she's the second kiddo and that we are more calm this time around. Either way, we are so grateful for her.

Below is a list of Peyton's milestones from her first year:
  • Rolling over by 3 months
  • Sitting up by 5 months
  • First tooth by 5 months
  • Slept through the night at the end of 5 months
  • Crawling -- she skipped crawling all together
  • Scooting by 10 months {Yes, she hates being on her belly so much that she'd prefer to scoot. It's really cute though!}
  • Took her first steps in front of ME at the end of 10 months 
  • Walking everywhere by 11 months

We love her to the moon and beyond. Thank you so much for making us all smile and laugh each day, Peyton!

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  1. Love these pictures...and now I want cake!
    Happy birthday Peyton!