Parker {She's Five}

What can I say? She's F-I-V-E! My first-born, beautiful sweet Parker is five today! Insert wide-eyed emoji here.

In case she ever reads this, I want her to know that she is not only incredibly smart, but she's got some serious spunk and character. Everywhere she goes, she's making people smirk and laugh. What she loves to do most, besides dress herself, is color, draw and send said drawings in the mail to various friends and  relatives like her Aunt Jenn in Pittsburgh and Drama right here in Flower Mound. She's currently taking gymnastics at WinKids and wants to enroll back in dance this semester. She loves her school, especially her awesome teacher Ms. Brenda.

To keep this simple, below are some of what we like to call "Parkerisms"
  • "Micaloss" for lip gloss
  • "Musgit" for music
  • "Tobrush" for toothbrush
  • "I remember stuff because of the magnets in my brain."
Both Chris and I have truly enjoyed watching Parker grow into an amazing little girl. We love her to the moon and beyond! Happy 5th birthday, Parker Lily Haas!

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