The Girls {Five and One}

Here are some sweet sister pictures of the girls from their yearly portrait session. This year was a challenge, but I think the pictures turned out pretty cute. I absolutely love how these two laugh at one another and get along {for now} so well. We love you, girls!

Peyton {She's One}

Happy 1st birthday to our cheerful and sweet Peyton Emma Haas! As you can tell, January is a busy month for us -- our dog's birthday is even in January -- and I cannot believe Peyton is O-N-E! Insert my second wide-eyed emoji here for the month.

Peyton is a sweet, sweet baby. I don't know if it's because she's the second kiddo and that we are more calm this time around. Either way, we are so grateful for her.

Below is a list of Peyton's milestones from her first year:
  • Rolling over by 3 months
  • Sitting up by 5 months
  • First tooth by 5 months
  • Slept through the night at the end of 5 months
  • Crawling -- she skipped crawling all together
  • Scooting by 10 months {Yes, she hates being on her belly so much that she'd prefer to scoot. It's really cute though!}
  • Took her first steps in front of ME at the end of 10 months 
  • Walking everywhere by 11 months

We love her to the moon and beyond. Thank you so much for making us all smile and laugh each day, Peyton!

Parker {She's Five}

What can I say? She's F-I-V-E! My first-born, beautiful sweet Parker is five today! Insert wide-eyed emoji here.

In case she ever reads this, I want her to know that she is not only incredibly smart, but she's got some serious spunk and character. Everywhere she goes, she's making people smirk and laugh. What she loves to do most, besides dress herself, is color, draw and send said drawings in the mail to various friends and  relatives like her Aunt Jenn in Pittsburgh and Drama right here in Flower Mound. She's currently taking gymnastics at WinKids and wants to enroll back in dance this semester. She loves her school, especially her awesome teacher Ms. Brenda.

To keep this simple, below are some of what we like to call "Parkerisms"
  • "Micaloss" for lip gloss
  • "Musgit" for music
  • "Tobrush" for toothbrush
  • "I remember stuff because of the magnets in my brain."
Both Chris and I have truly enjoyed watching Parker grow into an amazing little girl. We love her to the moon and beyond! Happy 5th birthday, Parker Lily Haas!

Digging LHP's New Look

New year. New look! I'm loving my personally designed blog by Savannah Pyron, who happens to be a fellow photog with many additional tricks up her sleeve, like blog design. I created a Pinterest board with a few looks and ideas that I liked and she went beyond that. Thank you so much, Savannah!