We have some exciting news to share! (Yes, this is a very delayed post.) For the past two months we have been busy adjusting to life as parents of two now that we happily introduced Peyton Emma Haas to the world on Jan. 27, 2014. She has been a wonderful blessing in our lives and we look forward to watching our girls grow up together.

My goal as a mother of two now is to make sure I capture just as much of Peyton's life that I did of Parker's, which is why I set realistic expectations from the beginning with Parker. For Parker, I knew I would have a hard time making a legit baby book for the second kiddo so I created a photo book of her first year instead. And just like for Parker's first year, we have a growing Picasa photo album - which is where I have stored all of my photos online since before Chris and I got married - for Peyton's first year for us to pull from already. 

Without further ado, we are pleased for you to meet the newest addition to our little family. 

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