Family Time {Texas}

Here are some random pictures from when we were at my parents house. Below is a picture of my dad improvising to create a new toy.

Walking through the neighborhood.

Stopping for a moment of thought.

I put the caption in the picture below because I had several great photos that a dog would be in the way. I was able to crop a few though.

My sweet niece!

It's really hard to get these two to sit still. This was the closest I was to getting them together. I love how he has his pants on backwards. 

Watching Uncle Kevin cut her great grandfather's hair.

Again, it is hard to get her to sit still. This is the best one I had of the two of them.

Emerson {Texas}

While we were in Texas, we got to hang out with my best friend Kate and her daughter Emerson. Here are some random pictures from when they were at my parents house. We went swimming the next day, but I had to be mom the lifeguard versus mom the photographer.

Emerson and her mama are two pretty girls! 

Rub a Dub {Three Babies in a Tub}

P and I just got back from Texas. I have more pictures to share, but wanted to share these pictures first. After a long day outside in the water and jumping on the trampoline, P took a quick, but much needed bath, with her cousins. I am sure they will all appreciate us pulling out this photo in ten years.


At least once a day she goes through my closet and comes out wearing a different pair of shoes. Notice how they are on the wrong foot. I couldn't help but take a few pictures to share.

Duck Tape Parade

Here are some pictures from the Duck Tape Parade! It was P's first parade, and she had one of the best seats in the house.

Kiddos with their dads! Happy early Father's Day by the way!

Anxiously waiting for candy!

Nikki taking pictures.

Best seat at the parade!

Still waving!

In case you were wondering why it is called the Duck Tape Parade, Duck Tape is headquartered in Avon, OH.


P's first trip to the Cleveland Zoo!

Checking out the "Ellies."

Saying hello to the "Kitties."

All the other animals were called Echo!

Time to go home! We'll be back!

Memorial Day {Sun and Sand}

This post is a little late, but it has been busy around here. Below are some pictures of P playing with the neighbor girls and playing in her water/sandbox! I think she'll be ready for her first trip to the beach this July!

I love this black and white picture below because this is her serious face, which she gets from her dad.