P Lily and I

Chris took these pictures of P Lily and I on Mother's Day. I've been meaning to post them.

Kelcey & Chris {Wedding}

5.8.11 {Happy Mother's Day}

To all moms out there, I challenge you to be in more pictures with your children. As a photographer, I am always behind the camera, and that is where I am most comfortable. However, after reading a post by Ashley Ann Photography, I realized that my daughter will not care what I was wearing and if I had make up on when she is looking at family photos twenty years from now. For me it's hard to put the camera down and on self timer, but I understand how important it is for my family to actually see that I was involved.

For tips on how to be in more pictures with your children, click here.

Happy Mother's Day!


My cousin had her baby a little over a week ago. We were lucky enough to get the chance to meet baby McKenna when we were in Chicago last weekend. Isn't she beautiful? Her dad is apparently already wrapped around her little finger. So sweet. Congratulations Megan and Mark!

4.30.11 {Family Time in Chicago}

Chris, P and I drove to Chicago for a quick trip to visit family. My aunt was having a big birthday party and my parents, aunt and uncle and some of my cousins were there to celebrate. The trip is only five hours for us, which isn't too bad, but it is a stretch to do in less than 24 hours. Here are some pictures of the family hanging out before the party. Most of the pictures are of P and her second cousin Evie. They are a month apart almost to the day.