Parker {She's Four}

Today our daughter Parker turns four! She is the silliest, cutest little girl we know. 

Some fun things she's saying these days include: "micaloss" = lipgloss and "appointment" marker = permanent marker. She has a doll named Tewalla, and at one point, wanted to name Baby Haas "Sotars" if it's a boy, "Bella" if it's a girl and then changed her mind to name the baby "Joshua" because she definitely thinks she is going to have a brother. She loves to color, play hide-and-seek and sing herself to sleep. Every morning she eats waffles with syrup and loves to rummage through my purse for gum! These are just a few of the things that we love so much about her. 

Happy Birthday, Parker! 

36 Weeks {My Maternity}

Here I am 36 weeks pregnant trying to take a couple self portraits before this baby gets here. I guess I wanted a little more proof that I was actually pregnant. I am usually behind the camera, but I decided to step in front of it for a couple quick and sweet shots with my daughter Parker and Baby Haas. You should have seen what I had to do to take these photos. It was rather exhausting, but I think these few proved the task well worth it in the end. I really need to invest in a remote shutter. 

Haas Family {2013}

I wanted a couple portraits of the entire family this year versus taking maternity photos. We were able to capture a few good ones thanks to my brother Kevin's assistance.