Kennemer Maternity {It's A Girl}

I had the pleasure of shooting a friend's maternity portraits! This sweet couple is expecting a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations on the newest edition to your family!

The Stafford Family {Family Portraits}

I recently took this sweet family's portraits! Not only is their son Liam incredibly cute, but he was the best baby I've ever shot before. Wish they could all be this easy! Thanks again to the Stafford family for asking me to take pictures of their family.

Journey and Hendrix 2014 {My Niece and Nephew}

Every year I have the pleasure of taking my niece Journey and nephew Hendrix's portraits. Aren't they adorable? Please stop growing up so fast guys. Auntie Liz loves you so much!

Parker {Two Years}

Here are some recent pictures that I took of my friend Melissa's little boy Parker for his second birthday! Isn't he the cutest little superhero? Also, Melissa and her husband John are expecting a little girl next February! Congratulations guys! We love you!

Laurel {One Year}

I had the pleasure of shooting my best friend Kate's daughter Laurel's one-year portraits this weekend! I wish I could take credit for styling this shoot, but it was all Kate and the help of Yaya, Laurel's grandmother! We shot the pictures on Yaya's beautiful property in Argyle! Happy birthday, Laurel! We love you!

Walker {Six Months}

I had the pleasure of shooting Walker Whitacre's six-month portraits this past weekend. For those of you who do not know, Walker is Peyton's future husband. They were born two days a part, in the same hospital and they go to the same school. Through all of this, I have been blessed to become great friends with his Mama, Brittany! Love you guys!

Peyton {Six Month Portraits}

Here are my most recent portraits of Peyton from her six-month portrait session.

Some of her major milestones these days include: sitting up, her first tooth, saying "Dada" and Mama's most favorite, sleeping-through-the-night!

We love you, Peyton!

Also, I couldn't forget to include Parker in a cute sibling portrait!