P Lily's - One Year

Today my daughter turns one! You hear everyone say it, but time really does fly by you when you have little ones. What an amazing journey this year has been for us.

Here are some fun facts about our little one:

Born - January 13, 2010 at 12:40 a.m. Weighed six pounds and 14.7 ounces. 19 inches long.
Rolled over at two months
Sat up at six months
First word was "Dada" then "Mama" at six months
Crawling at nine months
First steps at ten months
Walking everywhere and getting in to everything now and for the rest of our lives ;)

We love you!

Colleen & David

These are some pix from a wedding I shot over the summer. All I can say is that these two really love one another. They knew the real meaning behind a wedding. Colleen and David, it was a pleasure to work with the both of you.


Since I have changed my Web site, I wanted to bring over some of my favorite engagement pix that were on my old site. These are just a few. I will add more another date.