Melissa & David

It's a school night. Why am I not in bed? Well, I have plenty hanging over my head. Plus, once I started editing my images from Melissa and David's engagement session, I couldn't stop. At the time, it was about 8 degrees outside. I could not feel my fingertips, and was a little hesitant about the outcome. However, each image I look at, I am super happy.

Melissa and David live in Colorado. We shot their engagements two days before their awesome wedding at the House of Blues downtown (pictures to be shared later). What a great couple and what a great experience. Thank you Melissa & David.


My husband and I rarely get to spend time together. So, today I took a little break to make breakfast with him. Actually, he made all the food except for the crunchy hash browns. Echo was loving the smells, and waiting patiently to see if we would share. However, according to Chris, the theme for our breakfast was "How much grease can one eat?" So sorry Echo, no scraps for you. 

Janet & Chad

It's been a bit since my last post. Things are busy when you work full time and shoot weddings on the side. 

However, I had the opportunity to be the photographer for such a great couple yesterday. Janet & Chadlin were amazing. Chad is a Marine, and they will now move on to California. I wish them nothing but the best. 

Baby Jack

I had the pleasure of taking baby portraits today. My lil' subject Jack was adorable. He hung on for a good hour or so before it was time to nap after the photo shoot. What an amazing family. I look forward to taking more pictures of them and baby Jack. 

Out of respect for mom, dad and baby Jack, I uploaded a picture of feet and fingers. 

Getting Started

Hello my non-existent followers,

Life has been busy, right? I'm not whining or anything, but I have been desiring to start a blog geared toward photography with a little bit of me mixed in. So, forgive me for the first couple of months. I'm just getting the hang of this.