9.26.09 Margo & Joe

Margo and Joe's wedding is a special wedding for me. Originally I am from Texas, and since I now live in Ohio, Margo and Joe are like our extended family here. I will probably revisit this post, because I am just now getting the chance to edit their wedding, and I am sure there are several pictures that I will want to share.

A quick recap of their wedding weekend: Friday night, my
husband Chris and I were invited to attend the rehearsal dinner at a restaurant in Little Italy. The family style servings at this place were to die for, and I felt that the food just didn't stop coming. As my husband and Joe would joke, Italians are always saying, "Eat. Eat. Eat!" Therefore, we ate. Saturday, the ceremony and reception were held at Maggiano's in Beachwood. Again, the food was amazing and the atmosphere elegant. Although it rained for most of the day, we were able to catch a break between the ceremony and reception and take some pictures in Voinovich Park in downtown Cleveland. You may be wondering why there is a dog picture in this post, and that would be Margo and Joe's dog Sophie Bella, who was present at the reception in spirit and through these pictures, which helped guests find their table. I wish I could take the credit for the idea, but that was all Margo. Overall, it was a beautiful night, and I am thankful that Chris and myself were able to be apart of their special day. We love you guys!

6.20.09 Jennifer & Adam

Danielle & Phil 4.25.09

I shot Danielle and Phil's wedding last weekend. However, I felt as though I was a guest. Danielle and Phil are a true and genuine couple. They took care of everyone and every detail imaginable.

I arrived early, as usual, at the hotel where Phil was getting ready. With an untucked shirt and walking through the hallway, he arrived late. Ten minutes later I was knocking on the door to start the day. They both enjoy the detail shots that I capture, therefore, I started with the details. Thirty minutes later I was on my way to meet up with Danielle and the rest of her family. The group was lively and fun. We even had a moment to step outside and attempt a game of Croquet. Since I know nothing about the game, they were generous in explaining the details. None the less, the
Croquet was a great photo opp.

Afterward, we headed to the ceremony/reception site. The location had Danielle and Phil written all over it. From the orange hearts on the marquee between their names to the beautifully hand made art piece that adorned the top of their cake, it was beautiful. My favorite piece from the reception site was a wire mannequin with orange ornaments displaying pictures of family members on their wedding day.

Props to Danielle and Phil for inviting me along for the ride!

I must throw in a shout out to My Media Life - DJ Services, they were fun to work with.


Maybe it is because I am surround by so many babies these days that I have had the urge to take their pictures. Here are some of my recent baby portraits of a beautiful little friend of mine. With permission from mom and dad, I am able to post some.

On a side note, I just recently heard that my husband's sister is pregnant and is due 9.9.09! That's easy to remember. We are so happy for them, and of course, I cannot wait to take pictures of my future niece or nephew.

Also, coming this May is my brother's second child. His little son Hendrix will have a lil' sis to play with very soon. I wish I was in Texas to take their pictures all of the time.

Babies. Babies. Babies. They are all around. How fun.

P.S. I know what you are thinking, and no, Chris and I are not prego.


I know. I know. It has been a bit since my last post, but things get crazy and I still need time to edit.

As promised, here are some pictures from Melissa & David Dickey's 2.7.2009 wedding at the House of Blues in downtown Cleveland.
Melissa & David are a fun couple. They gave me the opportunity to shoot a "nontraditional" wedding, and I loved every moment of it. So, thank you Melissa & David.

In addition, I had the pleasure of working with my best photographer friend Terry Goodman. What an amazing woman. She is rather talented and helped out a great deal with the Dickey wedding.

Other cool vendors that I worked with at this wedding: Studio Floral, Jerry Bruno Productions (DJ) and Wedny Fitos (makeup artist). Enjoy the photos!

My next post will be some behind the scenes pictures that
Terry Goodman
snapped of me at the Dickey wedding.

To see more pictures from the Dickey wedding, visit www.lizhaas.com.

Asta & Jacob

Last night was incredible. I shot Asta & Jacob's wedding. We started at a beautiful catholic church just east of downtown Cleveland. The night ended at the Cleveland Zoo. There were so many options and places to take pictures. 

To date, one of the best weddings I have shot. I truly enjoyed myself. It felt like I was a guest with a really nice camera. The people, family and couple were wonderful and fun. Good people!

Also, I had the pleasure of working with The DJ Crew team. I worked with them before, and I would recommend them to anyone. They keep the party going, while having a good time themselves. Thanks to the Aramark employees, especially Mary, for being so hospitable. 

Melissa & David

It's a school night. Why am I not in bed? Well, I have plenty hanging over my head. Plus, once I started editing my images from Melissa and David's engagement session, I couldn't stop. At the time, it was about 8 degrees outside. I could not feel my fingertips, and was a little hesitant about the outcome. However, each image I look at, I am super happy.

Melissa and David live in Colorado. We shot their engagements two days before their awesome wedding at the House of Blues downtown (pictures to be shared later). What a great couple and what a great experience. Thank you Melissa & David.


My husband and I rarely get to spend time together. So, today I took a little break to make breakfast with him. Actually, he made all the food except for the crunchy hash browns. Echo was loving the smells, and waiting patiently to see if we would share. However, according to Chris, the theme for our breakfast was "How much grease can one eat?" So sorry Echo, no scraps for you. 

Janet & Chad

It's been a bit since my last post. Things are busy when you work full time and shoot weddings on the side. 

However, I had the opportunity to be the photographer for such a great couple yesterday. Janet & Chadlin were amazing. Chad is a Marine, and they will now move on to California. I wish them nothing but the best. 

Baby Jack

I had the pleasure of taking baby portraits today. My lil' subject Jack was adorable. He hung on for a good hour or so before it was time to nap after the photo shoot. What an amazing family. I look forward to taking more pictures of them and baby Jack. 

Out of respect for mom, dad and baby Jack, I uploaded a picture of feet and fingers. 

Getting Started

Hello my non-existent followers,

Life has been busy, right? I'm not whining or anything, but I have been desiring to start a blog geared toward photography with a little bit of me mixed in. So, forgive me for the first couple of months. I'm just getting the hang of this.